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How to apply

Undergraduate Applicants

Those choosing to pursue the additional special education endorsements available in the WVU Five-Year Teacher Education Program and the Chid Development and Family Studies program must first apply directly to one of those programs. 

Graduate Applicants

Graduate applicants can apply to their chosen special education program by completing the WVU Graduate Application form online, at the link below. 

WVU Graduate Application

To view admission requirements and procedures for the M.A. in Special Education program, please visit the  Graduate Admission Requirements page  Application deadlines are as follows: 
  • Application for admission beginning FALL semester - DUE AUGUST 1
  • Application for admission beginning SPRING semester - DUE JANUARY 1
  • Application for admission beginning SUMMER semester - DUE MAY 1

To view admission requirements and procedures for the Doctoral Program in Special Education, please visit the   Graduate Admission Requirements pageGraduate Application deadlines are as follows:
  • Application for PRIORITY admission beginning Fall semester - DUE FEBRUARY 1
  • Application for LATE admission - DUE APRIL 15

Early submission is highly encouraged to ensure admission for the semester. 

Please Note: The Doctoral Program in Special Education is only offered online throughout the United States. It is not available in international areas.