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Culminating Project Course

The culminating project course is the capstone course in the graduate degree only program option in special education across ALL areas of specialization.

SPED 680 Culminating Project.

Eligibility for Culminating Project

Students must have completed ALL required courses with a grade of A or B and earned an overall GPA of 3.0 to be eligible for the culminating project.

NOTE: At the present time, the Culminating Project course is ONLY available during the summer semester.

Completion of the Culminating Project

The maximum time to complete a degree program at WVU (including any transferred courses) is EIGHT (8) years. The maximum time to complete all required degree courses (including transfers from other institutions) within EIGHT (8) years of the Culminating Project.

Because this is a capstone course, students who are unable to complete the Culminating Project course with a grade of A or B after two (2) attempts will not be eligible to earn the Master’s degree and must be withdrawn from the program.

Application for Culminating Project

Students must submit and application for the culminating project along with supporting documentation during the semester PRIOR to the one in which they plan to complete the culminating project and apply for graduation.

Applications are due one (1) semester in advance.

The CURRENT culminating project application form may be obtained by contacting or 304-293-7143.