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Current Students

Requesting Waivers and Transfers

Students who have completed or who want to enroll in a course at another accredited institution of higher education may request waiver of the course (ACCEPTANCE of a prior course for certification program only) OR transfer of credits to WVU (INCLUSION of a prior course in degree program only) as a substitute for a required course or as elective credits.

Waiver and transfer policies DO NOT apply to practicum experiences, which MUST be completed through West Virginia University.

Course waivers and transfers must be for graduate degree credit, NOT continuing education or professional development credit, with four (4) quarter hours equivalent to three (3) semester hours. Courses that earned less than a B will NOT be accepted. Courses must have been completed no more than 8 years prior to the semester in which practicum will be completed (including graduation from the degree program, if applicable).

Requests for waivers and transfers for required courses in a certification program must be accompanied by a course syllabus outlining the content and any performance assessments (major assignments) showing documenting the learning outcomes with an assigned grade. Courses must be substantially equivalent to the WVU course in BOTH content and assessment to substitute for a required course.

All waivers and transfers must be approved in writing by the official faculty advisor immediately upon entry to the program (for prior courses) or before enrolling in the course (for new courses).

Students may transfer NO MORE THAN 12 credits into a degree program.

Requesting Elective Credits

Electives should be designed to develop the student’s knowledge and skills in a way thatDIRECTLY supports the degree program by enhancing his/her ability to work with individuals in that area of specialization. Some courses in other areas of special education may be especially helpful, as will courses in curriculum and instruction, child development, or instructional technologies.

ALL electives must have earned graduate degree credit from a regionally accredited institution. Courses that are transferred from another college or university or another program within WVU that earned less than a B will NOT be accepted. Courses that earned continuing education or professional development credits may NOT be counted as electives in a degree program.

Electives must be approved in advance in writing by the faculty advisor.