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Future Students

Why pursue a career as a professional educator in this discipline?

Join us and our colleagues around the world as we pursue the dream of creating a society where ALL individuals have access to education and rehabilitation programs that enable them to achieve their personal potential and a high quality of life.

Why choose the WVU Special Education Program?

As a potential student, what does the WVU Department of Special Education offer?

WVU special education programs have many advantages:

Why consider a second Master's degree?

Students with masters degrees in other areas should still consider an additional masters degree to establish expertise in special education or disability services while enhancing opportunities for other career options or eligibility for advanced degree programs.

For most programs, students can earn a masters degree with certification for as few as three to six additional credits. Some of these additional credits may be taken from the prior master’s degree program if the courses were completed recently.

Can I apply courses from another program?

Students are allowed to request permission to apply up to 12 credits from another program or institution of higher education if the specific courses meet requirements established by WVU and are considered to satisfy program criteria for required course or elective credits.