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Content Endorsements 5-Adult

Requirements for Content Endorsements for Special Educators

5-Adult Program Options Only

Individuals in the Five-Year Teacher Education Program’s special education major seeking additional endorsement in the Multicategorical Special Education Program for grades K-6 and 5-Adult must also earn a content endorsement for special educators in the academic content area(s) in which they are assigned to teach.

Content Endorsement Requirements

There are two ways to meet content endorsement requirements:
Prior certification in at least one of these areas: biology, chemistry, English, general science, mathematics, physics, reading education or specialist, and/or social studies; this provides a standard content endorsement in that area
completion of 15 credits in one of the following areas: English, mathematics, biology, general science, or social studies
completion of six credits including these content methods courses:
RDNG 422 – Content Area Literacy Instruction
SPED 668 – Secondary Content Methods: Special Needs

NOTE: These two courses are also required as part of the certification program in multicategorical special education or autism spectrum disorders.

Students in a program option for grades 5-Adult who do not hold prior certification should contact their advisor to discuss what courses they will need to take to complete the content endorsement in a specific area. The advisor will review the undergraduate transcript to determine what courses have already been completed that satisfy state requirements for a specific content area.

Courses for Content Endorsement for Special Education

Courses are applied to content endorsement only if they meet these criteria:

Courses that were completed for Advanced Placement credit or passed by examination through the College Level Examination Program may only be counted if they appear on the transcript with credits assigned. In cases where courses were waived for some reason and do not appear on the transcript, the faculty advisor can choose to substitute a more advanced course in the same content area. Courses completed on the appropriate content topic but with a grade of D will need to be repeated.

Completion of Additional Content Courses

Individuals who need additional content courses to satisfy the 15 credits requirement may need to complete one or more courses in the specified content topics. These courses may be completed at any regionally accredited college or university, but must be approved by the faculty advisor as meeting content area requirements.

Content Courses Available Online at WVU

WVU currently offers some content courses online during summer sessions. Some content courses may be available online through  WVU Online and Extended Campus