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Certification Programs
in Special Education

Disability Studies Program

Disability studies is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on the study of how people with disabilities have been and are represented in history, literature, law and policy, education and intervention, and culture and social institutions. Disability studies programs focus on disability as a fundamental component of human experience, share positive portrayals of people with disabilities, and advocate for civil rights, personal empowerment, and supportive policies and practices to enable individuals who have disabilities For more information about this discipline is available through the Society for Disability Studies at

In collaboration with the  WVU Center for Excellence in Disabilities, the Department of Special Education offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Disability Studies:

  • undergraduate certificate program in disability studies;
  • undergraduate minor in disability studies;
  • graduate certificate program in disability studies.

Additional information about these programs is available at

FMI: Contact or call 304-293-4692 OR or 304-293-6932.