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Certification Programs 
in special education

Graduate Teacher Education Certification Programs in Special Education

The Department of Special Education offers post-baccalaureate programs leading to teaching certification in West Virginia in the following areas:

Programs are available as either certification only or certification plus masters degree (as little as 3-6 additional credits). Courses completed recently in another WVU program or at another university may be applied as electives toward these additional credits.

Individuals who already have a masters degree in some other area should consider a second master’s degree to establish their expertise in special education or disability services and enhance opportunities for other career options or eligibility for advanced degree programs. Students who have previously earned a master’s degree in special education at WVU in a different area of specialization as well as those who earned a degree in another area at WVU or from another university should consider this option.

All programs qualify as alternative certification programs in West Virginia.

Individuals who seek certification outside of West Virginia should consult with local, state, or national education agencies about requirements in those states or countries to determine if the WVU program will satisfy them. Contact information for state certification agencies is available at the  National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification website .

For assistance in understanding certification requirements or completing and submitting forms, please contact the WVU Certification Officer at .