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Certification Programs 
in special education

Additional Endorsement Program
in Preschool Special Needs 

The Birth through Pre-Kindergarten Early Childhood Education Program at West Virginia University is a blended undergraduate certification and degree program in child development and family studies. This program prepares early educators to support the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of children through developmentally appropriate practice. Settings for internship experiences include the West Virginia University Child Development Laboratory (Nursery School) for preschool children and placements in community childcare centers to work with infants and toddlers.

This program is available only on the WVU campus in Morgantown, WV.

The Bachelor of Science program in Child Development and Family Studies: Preschool Education plus Pre-School Special Needs Grades PreK - Kindergarten offers the following:

For more details about admission to this program, please review information provided at the Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Family Studies program web page. 

Additional Endorsements in Pre-School Special Needs

Additional endorsements in Pre-School Special Needs, Grades Pre-K through Kindergarten is offered by the Department of Special Education. This campus-based program will prepare students to become a professional educators who can support development and learning of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers with developmental disabilities, delays, and at-risk conditions in home- and center-based settings.

Below are the courses and credit information for students to earn an additional endorsement in Preschool Special Needs in the blended undergraduate program leading to certification in Preschool Education plus Preschool Special Needs Grades Pre-K-K. Course descriptions for all courses can be found under program content and a tentative schedule of course offerings can be found under program schedule.

SPED 304* Special Education in Contemporary Society 3 cr.
SPED 361* Differentiated Instruction for Young Children 3 cr.
SPED 311 Developmental Assessment for Young Children with Special Needs 3 cr.
SPED 314 Home-based Programs for Early Intervention 3 cr.
SPED 315 Center-based Programs for Early Intervention 3 cr.
SPED 316 Behavior Supports for Young Children with Special Needs 3 cr.
SPED 317 Technology for Young Children with/without Special Needs 3 cr.
SPED 319 Internship: Preschool Special Needs /#/ 3 cr.

*These courses are required courses in ALL teacher education programs, but SPED 361is adapted to address the characteristics and educational needs of young children.

Students who are currently enrolled in the program should follow the program requirements outlined on the tentative schedule of courses sent with the admission letter.

Students who are seeking admission to the program should review the detailed information available in the program brochure that can be obtained from If accepted into the program, they will be sent a tentative schedule of courses that outlines the requirements in effect at the time of admission.

This program is subject to revision whenever the teacher education program or state certification requirements are changed.

/#/ Students must pass PRAXIS Tests required by the program prior to and as a condition of admission to the internship:  Education of Exceptional Students: Preschool/Early Childhood (0690)

NOTE: These or other tests also may be required for licensure in West Virginia or in the designated specialization area in other states and/or countries to earn initial certification or additional endorsement.

NOTE: West Virginia also currently permits individuals who have completed a program in Preschool Special Needs Grades 0-Pre-K and Pre-K-K to add an endorsement in Autism by completing only six additional hours of coursework in the Autism Spectrum Disorders Program.

All courses in a certification program must be completed within 10 years, including waivers granted for courses completed within other programs or at other institutions.