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Personnel Preparation Option


Below are the courses and credit information for students in the Doctoral Program Major in Special Education’s Option for Personnel Preparation in Special Education.

Courses in Major Area: Special Education (Personnel Preparation)
SPED 770 Policy Analysis/Development 3 cr.
SPED 771 Personnel Preparation Strategies 3 cr.
SPED 772 Professional Writing and Grantwriting 3 cr.
SPED 773 Professional Development Models 3 cr.
SPED 774 Analysis/Interpretation of Research 3 cr.
SPED 779 Current Issues and Trends 3 cr.
SPED 781 Orientation to Doctoral Study 1 cr.
SPED 782 Professional Practice in Systems Advocacy 1 cr.
SPED 783 Professional Practice in College Instruction (campus) 1 cr.
SPED 783 Professional Practice in College Instruction (online) 1 cr.
SPED 784 Professional Practice in Clinical Supervision 1 cr.
SPED 785 Professional Practice in Empirical Research (design) 1 cr.
SPED 785 Professional Practice in Empirical Research (implementation) 1 cr.
SPED 786 Professional Practice in Service Activities 1 cr.
SPED 769 Faculty Career Development 1 cr.
    27 Credits Total

Courses in Research Core
EDP 612 Introduction to Research 3 cr.
EDP 613 Statistical Methods I 3 cr.
SCFD 615 Qualitative Research Methods 3 cr.
EDP 713 Single Subject Methods 3 cr.
TBD Advanced research method course (SPED 618 or 614) 3cr.
    15 Credits Total

Courses in Foundations/Minor Area
EDP 600 Educational Psychology 3 cr.
EDP 640 Instructional Design 3 cr.
EDP 703 The Adult Learner 3 cr.
EDP 740 Principles of Instruction 3 cr.
SCFD 640 History of Education 3 cr.
EDP 612+ Introduction to Research 3 cr.
    18 Credits Total++

+These courses are also included under the research core.

++Students also may choose an alternative minor area, with six courses approved by a faculty representative of the academic program in which the minor area will be completed. The alternative minor area should support the program option as well as the area of specialization and enhance the student’s knowledge and skills to achieve leadership career goals.

Courses for Program Completion

SPED 767 Professional Product Development (Comprehensive Examination) 1 cr.
SPED 768 Prospectus Development (Document and Defense) 1 cr.
SPED 797 Research (Approval and Implementation) 6 cr./#/
SPED 798 Dissertation (Preparation and Defense) 6 cr./#/
    14 Credits Total++
    74 Credits Overall Total++

/#/Students may enroll in additional credits as needed to complete these requirements.

++The College of Education and Human Services requires doctoral students to complete a minimum of 42 credits beyond the masters degree (prior to dissertation); with committee approval, students may also count credits from the masters degree if needed for specific competencies to achieve the minimum required credits.

Students who are currently enrolled in the program should follow the program requirements outlined on the student program plan sent with the admission letter.

Detailed information about planning the program of study is available at program planning.

Detailed information about completing program requirements is available at program completion.

In any doctoral program at WVU, all requirements must be completed no more than five years after admission to candidacy, which occurs when the student has achieved passing scores on the comprehensive examination.

Retention in this program requires maintaining active student status, earning a grade of of A or B in all required courses, and achieving an overall GPA of 3.25. Students who fail to maintain active student status by enrolling in at least one course every two years become inactive and will have to re-apply and meet any new requirements in effect at the time of admission. Students who fail to maintain an overall GPA of 3.25 will be dismissed from the program and may be unable to reapply for admission.