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Master of arts and/or
certification in special education

Course Offerings: Gifted Education

All required courses in this program are offered on a one-year cycle or at least once each year. Since all courses are offered every other year, the typical minimum time to completion is about one (1) calendar year to complete the program at 9 credits per semester, or two (2) calendar years to complete the program at 6 credits per semester. The chart shows when specific courses in this program are likely to be offered.

Program Delivery: One-Year Cycle

Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester
SPED 500 SPED 500 SPED 500
SPED 601 SPED 601 SPED 601
SPED 603 SPED 603 SPED 609
SPED 663 SPED 663  
SPED 670 SPED 672  
SPED 674 SPED 676  
SPED 679 (Practicum) SPED 679 (Practicum) SPED 675 (Project)
    SPED 680 (Project)

Students may enter the program at any point in the cycle and take the courses as they are offered. Courses do not have to be taken in a specific order except that all other required courses must be completed prior to enrolling in the capstone courses (culminating practicum for certification programs or culminating project courses for degree programs).

Most courses have an associated field experience, requiring students to conduct activities with individuals, families, programs, or professionals in real world settings; field experiences may be completed in the job setting (if appropriately employed) or in a local school or agency that grants permission.

Students working in the field may complete practicum as a single six-credit block in the final semester; other students may complete practicum either as a single six-credit block in the final semester or as two three-credit blocks in a single year in fall semester followed by spring semester.

All required courses in the program are delivered online using a combination of desktop conference (live) sessions and web (on demand) activities on alternating weeks throughout each academic semester. Live sessions and other web activities are conducted entirely online within the WVU eCampus learning management system. All online activities are conducted in English.

Students must earn an average of 80% or better on the required assessments designated for each course and also achieve a grade of B or better in each course or they may be dropped from the program. A grade of incomplete will only be approved for emergency situations; all requirements must be completed prior to the end of the next academic semester.