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master of arts and/or 
certification in special education

Program Mission and Philosophy:
Gifted Education

Program Mission

The WVU Gifted Education Program is designed to prepare professional educators who are solidly grounded in the general education curriculum and also have acquired the special competencies needed to facilitate learning for students with unique gifts and talents.

Teachers of gifted and talented students must have the sensitivity, initiative, and skill to develop and deliver educational experiences in special classes, resource programs, or itinerant service models and/or to consult and collaborate with classroom teachers who work with these students in general education settings.

Graduates are trained to:

  • provide gifted and talented students with extended learning experiences that allow then to experience, explore, and express new ideas
  • design learning activities that build upon students’ abilities and interests
  • encourage students to engage in divergent and critical thinking
  • assist these students in developing skills and dispositions for personal growth and lifelong learning

Program Philosophy

In a democratic society that recognizes the intrinsic worth of every citizen, schools have a duty to assist all students to achieve their highest potential, including that minority of youth at the upper end of the ability continuum who display gifts and talents in academic achievement as well as other performance dimensions.

Various human gifts and talents can be suppressed or even wasted if the abilities and talents of such individuals are not developed and nurtured, resulting in the loss of potentially invaluable contributions to human welfare and social advancement.