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Master of Arts in Special Education

Multicategorical Special Education

This graduate online program prepares professional educators who can work with children and adults with special needs across the areas of mild/moderate mental impairments, specific learning disabilities, and emotional/behavioral disorders. This graduate level program prepares special education teachers to engage in current research-based practices and to provide high quality educational programs and services in elementary and/or secondary schools. Please visit the mission and philosophy page to read more concerning the mission of this specific program.

This program is available online nationwide and in approved international areas.

The WVU Multicategorical Special Education Program offers the following options:

Request information from or direct questions to 304-293-3450.

The master’s degree with certification program leads to initial certification or additional endorsement in Multicategorical Special Education in West Virginia, which includes students with mild/moderate mental impairments, specific learning disabilities, and emotional /behavioral disorders. Individuals with prior certification in early childhood (K-4) or elementary education (K-6 or K-8) earn an endorsement for grades K-6. Individuals with prior certification in biology, chemistry, English, general science, mathematics, physics, reading education or specialist, and/or social studies earn an endorsement for Grades 5-Adult. Individuals who hold another certification earn initial certification in grades 5-Adult only and also must complete a  content endorsement for special educators in English, mathematics, biology, general science, or social studies. Those without prior certification are only eligible to complete the 5-Adult program.