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Master of arts in Special Education

Severe/Multiple Disabilities


This online graduate program prepares professional educators who can provide quality educational programs and habilitation services to children, adolescents, and adults with severe or multiple disabilities. This graduate level program prepares teachers, trainers, and consultants to work with such learners from kindergarten through adulthood in a variety of settings, including elementary and secondary schools, residential facilities, vocational training settings, and community habilitation programs. Please visit the mission and philosophy page to read more concerning the mission of this specific program. 

This program is available online nationwide and in approved international areas.

The Severe/Multiple Disabilities Program offers the following options:

Request information from or direct questions to 304-293-3450.

The certification program leads to eligibility for initial certification or additional endorsement in West Virginia in Severe Disabilities, which includes moderate, severe, or profound mental impairments or multiple impairments or significant cognitive disabilities in Grades K-Adult (or the equivalent in other states). It also is applicable to qualification as a Qualified Mental Retardation Professional (QMRP). This program does not require prior certification for licensure in West Virginia. Individuals seeking certification or endorsement in other states or in international areas should consult with local and state agencies about certification requirements that apply specifically to them and confirmation that the WVU program will satisfy those requirements.