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Master of Arts and/or 
coursework in special education

Course Descriptions:
Applied Behavior Analysis

The Applied Behavior Analysis program consists of required courses in the following areas:

  • Core Courses
  • Specialization Courses
  • Courses for Degree Only

Core Courses

SPED 500
Educational/Legal Foundations: Special Education
Federal and state laws and regulations as well as major court cases impacting the field of special education and their implications for practice.

SPED 675
Research to Practice
Identification of special education issues and action research strategies for investigating issues in educational practice.

Specialization Courses

SPED 653
Professional Ethics for Behavior Analysis
Ethical principles and practices appropriate to governing self-guided professional activities, as well as those conducted for and with external agencies, service recipients, and their caregivers and families.

SPED 713
Designing Single Case Research
Measurement and design tactics for research with one or a small number of participants allowing the researcher to identify effective practices for individual students or clients.

SPED 654
Foundations & Philosophies of Applied Behavior Analysis
Philosophical and procedural foundation in the science and technology of behavior analysis from behavioral research to fundamental treatment concepts and applications for professionals.

SPED 655
Naturalistic & Functional Analyses of Behavior
Use of functional behavior assessment and functional analysis procedures for implementing effective, evidence-based programs to identify the interventions most likely to produce desired, sustainable change.

SPED 656
Methods in Behavioral Intervention & Treatment
Techniques for (a) applying the principles of operant conditioning, (b) adapting techniques for individual needs and preferences, (c) modifying behavior in applied settings, and (d) evaluating and adjusting intervention components.

SPED 657
Systems for Behavior Change, Team Building, & Case Management
Behavior change systems that plan for sustainability and generalization) with procedures for training agency staff, families, and education professionals in the implementation of behavior support plans.

Courses for Degree Only

SPED 680
Culminating Project
Completion of master’s program projects in applied research, curriculum development, or program design.