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Online Program Delivery

Technology Requirements: Live Sessions

All live class sessions will be offered through Wimba Live Classroom, a desktop conferencing program that features one-way video (of the instructor) and two-way audio (instructor and learners) to permit interactions in real time. Each course and practicum experience will feature a link embedded in the course shell on the WVU eCampus server.

Live class sessions will be transmitted via abetween the hours of 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm Eastern Time (ET) OR 7:15 and 9:15 pm on alternating weeks throughout the semester as indicated in the course syllabus or at other times planned and announced by the instructor. Each live class session is recorded and archives are made available throughout the semester.

Live Class Sessions

ALL students who reside in continental North America will be expected to participate in live class sessions delivered via desktop conferencing at home, at work, or at another location and transmitted online in real time. To do this, each student must have at least 56 kbps Internet access via telephone modem (adequate quality); however, 128 kbps or better is preferred via Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or cable/satellite television modem (all good quality) or a T1 Ethernet connection (best quality).

ACTUAL connection speed in a specific location can be confirmed by completing the  speed test.

NOTE: When ACTUAL connection speed is lower than 30 kbps, students will have significant difficulty accessing any online formats; in this case, students should contact their Internet Service Provider (ISP) for assistance in identifying problems, obtaining an accelerator device, or upgrading the access. Individuals who live in remote rural areas where bandwidth is VERY LOW may need to find another site to view and participate in the class sessions.

Although no special software is needed for desktop conferencing, each student will need to have an EXTERNAL MICROPHONE (adequate) that can be connected to the computer for voice input; OR A HEADSET (preferred) with microphone and ear piece will provide better sound quality for speaker and listener. This will be used ONLY during desktop conferencing activities and/or to record audio assignments. Internal and external volume controls on the computer must be adjusted to appropriate levels.

Several hours or a day before the first desktop conference, students should enter the classroom area and run the Setup Wizard to confirm that the computer and browser are ready for this format. The Wizard will identify any problems in time to correct them before the first class session.

Students can also run the Setup Wizard BEFORE they can access the online learning management system.
Run the Setup Wizard.

Archives for All Class Sessions

All students can view the archived conference of any class session after it has been posted. Archives will be available for review at any time throughout the semester. Students who resident OUTSIDE continental North American will be permitted to view the archives INSTEAD of participating in live class sessions due to time zone differences; however, instructors may also require additional activities related to viewing of the archives to award participation points.

Individual Consultations and Group Activities

Students also may be expected to participate in live interactive conferences with a faculty member or in small groups at arranged times for other activities.

Requesting Assistance

Assistance in preparing for live sessions can be obtained by contacting: