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Online Delivery system

Online Access to MIX and WVU eCampus

MIX Account E-mail

Mountaineer Information Express (MIX) is a web portal for accessing services at WVU. Instructors in this program sometimes distribute information about each course prior to or at the beginning of the semester via students’ MIX accounts.

Students can access their MIX account at: using the 7-digit student identification number (SID) provided in their admission letter and the 6-digit default password for all accounts: two digits for the day of the person’s birthdate and the last four digits of the SID (Ex: If birthdate is 05/03/1974 and SID is 700456789, then password is 036789). If the letter did not include this information or has not yet arrived, please contact the Division of Extended Learning at 800-253-2762×1 (if a distance education student) or the Office of Admissions and Records at 304-293-2124 (if a campus-based student).

Within STAR, students can locate their email address and user ID as follows:

  • select WVU STAR web
  • select WVU STAR system
  • enter SID and password
  • select Personal Information
  • select View Address(es) and Phone (s)

WVU email address is displayed in upper right hand corner of email window (Ex: If email address is then user name is abaker).

NOTE: Not all faculty members use MIX, so use the individual’s personal email address if it is provided or contact instructors directly within WVU eCampus.

WVU eCampus Learning Management System

WVU eCampus, an online learning management system that incorporates a variety of tools and formats for teaching and learning. All special education courses that are delivered entirely online or include an online component are delivered in WVU eCampus.

Students can access online courses at: using the MIX user ID (initial and last name up to @mix and STAR password (the two digits of birthdate and last four (4) digits of student ID number (see directions under MIX account). for example, Jane Doe will log on to courses with the user ID jode5 and the password 230429; NEVER GIVE OUT THIS PASSWORD to anyone to avoid allowing unauthorized persons into the course.

Links to access online course components will NOT be available until the first day of the semester at 12:01 am Eastern Time (ET) as stated in the official WVU calendar and schedule of courses.

Students who are properly enrolled will have access on that date to all course or practicum components. Students are asked to NOT contact the instructor or department chairperson requesting early admission to the course(s) or practica since the server administrator controls this start date/time and there is nothing s/he can do to accommodate them.

Students who have enrolled on or after the first day of the semester will have access after 5 pm on the enrollment date to all online course or practicum components. Students may contact the instructor after this time to determine if they are appearing in the

Students who are admitted after the semester has begun will have access within one (1) week to all course or practicum components. Students are asked NOT to contact the instructor or department chair until AFTER they have received their admissions letter or have been contacted by the admissions coordinator with confirmation of admission and assignment of a Student Identification Number.

Requesting Assistance

Assistance in solving problems related to accessing WVU eCampus or user ID and password can be obtained by contacting WVU IT Service Desk.