Program Content: Gifted Educations

The Gifted Education Program consists of required courses in the following areas:

  • Core Courses
  • Specialization Courses
  • Courses for Degree Only

Core Courses

SPED 500 Educational/ Legal Foundations: Special Education Federal and state laws and regulations as well as major court cases impacting the field of special education and their implications for practice
SPED 601 Academic Interventions for Special Needs Organization and adaptation of effective teaching methods to meet individual learning needs and promote academic achievement
SPED 603 Classroom Behavior Management for Special Needs Evidence-based strategies for classroom and behavior management for individuals and groups
SPED 609 Technology Applications for Special Needs Instructional technology for learning activities to teach 21st century skills.
SPED 663 Collaborative-Consultative Inclusion Strategies Skills and strategies for collaboration and/or consultation within an inclusive school environment

Specialization Courses

SPED 670 Introduction to Gifted Education Characteristics of gifted and talented individuals; psychosocial development; educational implications and service delivery models
SPED 672 Teaching Strategies for Gifted Education Differentiated instruction for gifted and talented individuals in content, process and product in academic content areas and other curriculum domains
SPED 674 Support for Special Populations in Gifted Education Emotional and social needs of gifted and talented individuals; strategies to foster emotional and social development; impact of cultural diversity and diversity.
SPED 676 Critical Thinking/Creativity in Gifted Education Design lesson plans and instructional activities to teach reasoning, problem solving, decision making, brainstorming, and creative problem solving to gifted and talented individuals.
SPED 679 Culminating Practicum: Gifted Education Clinical experience with children or adolescents with gifts and talents in elementary or secondary public school settings

Courses for Degree Only

SPED 675 Research to Practice Identification of special education issues and action research strategies for investigating issues in educational practice.
SPED 680 Culminating Project Completion of master’s program projects in applied research, curriculum development, or program design.